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Dave Snaddon

Name: Dave Snaddon
Birth date: 18.04.85
Birthplace: Milton Keynes
Resides: Bristol
Height: 5, 11
Weight: 12 stone
How long you've been skateboarding: 13 yrs
Year got sponsored: 2000
Stance: Goofy
Other sponsors: Motive, Venture, Hubba, mob, Skull Candy, Route One, Huf Apparel,  
Music: Drum and Bass, Trap, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Reggae, Ragga, Bass Music
Heroes: David Attenborough
Favorite movies: Step Brothers, Anchor Man, Donnie Darko
Favorite food: Pasta
Favorite skate mag:  Sidewalk magazine
Favorite trick: Tre flip
Top 3 activities besides skate: Producing Music, Having a Laugh, Fine Dining lol
Skateboarding influences: Girl/chocolate videos, jody and Leo smiths deadly line edits
Top 3 non-skateboarding influences: Music, Having a laugh, Travelling.
Favorite article of clothing: Chinos
Best thing about skateboarding: Hanging out with friends, learning new tricks, seeing new places
Worst thing about skateboarding: Hitting your shins
Best place to skate: Luxemburg/ Barcelona
Worst place to skate: Aldi car park :(
Words of wisdom: enjoy Life
Thank you to: My Family, Housemates aka Nicky Hammerhouse Howells, Bigspin, Dj Johnston, Ramajam Recordings, Infidelity Records, Phucked Recordings DC shoes, Shiner Distribution,  Skullcandy, Motive skateboards.